The Complete Men’s Guide To Hairstyling: The Best Styling Aids For Your Style

Guys the first step to having amazing hair is getting an amazing cut. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered there. But afterwards, it’s up to you to make sure you’re styling correctly and looking your best. What styling product should you use? We’re happy you asked! Here’s our complete styling aid rundown to get you hooked up with the absolute best product for your hairstyle, texture, and length.

Sea Salt Spray

A Natural Sea Salt Spray will absorb excessive oils and sweat in your hair, giving you added volume, texture, and definition. It’s also going to provide a light hold that’s perfect for guys who want to maintain their style throughout the day, but still want a bit of flow and natural bounce to their look. Sea Salt Spray can also be used in combination with other styling aids, like a putty or clay, for guys who still want incredible volume and texture, but require a bit more hold to pull off their desired look. A quality Sea Salt Spray is going to be infused with a hydrating agent, like sea kelp, to allow you to reap all of the benefits of Salt without drying your hair out. It’s also super versatile, meaning it works well with any hair length or texture.

mens hairstyling texture powder

Texture Powder

Texture Powder provides incredible styling versatility, weightless volume, amazing texture, and an all-day hold. Texture Powder is amazing for guys who need a bit of hold to complete their style, but still want their hair to look natural, as if they have done nothing at all. Arguably the best thing about texture powder is its incredible flexibility. Maybe you've run your hands through your hair, tossed on a hat for a few hours, or tossed up your hood to get out of the rain. No sweat. Unlike most styling aids that are ruined when touched, texture powder allows you to effortlessly restyle your hair at will without having to add any additional product. If want an extremely natural look, with the versatility to restyle at will, texture powder is for you.


Paste is one of the more versatile products out there. It can help tame wavy hair, give touchable, pliable texture to most styles, and deliver different levels of shine and hold when applied dry or damp. Because of its light consistency, it’s also super easy to evenly distribute, making it great for medium to long hairstyles. Paste is going to provide a medium hold so if you’re looking for a strong hold product, you would be better off jumping up to a clay or putty. But if you’re looking for middle-of-the-road hold and shine, a quality paste is for you.

mens hairstyling matte pomade


Warning! So many brands use the word “pomade” to simply mean “product.” So, if you see a “clay pomade” or a “wax pomade,” keep in mind it’s going to carry far more qualities of the first word—if it carries any pomade qualities at all. That being said if you buy actual pomade, then you can expect lots of shine with medium to high hold, unless you grab a matte pomade. If you’re going to use it as your daily styling aid, be conservative with the application. Anything too generous will make your hair look and feel greasy. Moderation is key! We do love true pomades, but suggest you save them for special occasions or buttoned-up, GQ looks.


A small amount of cream can really help tame strays and frizz. It’s also an incredible lightweight styling aid for textured or long looks, and is especially useful to accentuate natural curls. It’s a great styling aid to use if you style your hair damp or wet as well, as it won’t weigh down your style as it dries. It’s going to provide a light hold with light shine, and is a great starting point for guys who have never used a styling aid before, as it coaches everything into a specific direction, while providing a natural look without leaving excessive buildup. If you want a light hold and light shine, have amazing natural curls and waves, or are looking to get your feet wet in the styling aid game, then a quality cream is for you.

mens hairstyling clay


Clay is a versatile styling aid that’s going to give your hair an abundance of texture. It’s great for giving your hair that planned messy look. The downside of using a clay is that it’s not as versatile as some of the other styling aids available. This means it won’t feel as “re-workable” as other styling aids. So, pick clay if you know you aren’t going to disrupt your hair’s style throughout the day, but still want some choppiness and definition, or a pinch of lift and volume. If you’re looking for middle-of-the-road hold with no shine, a quality clay is for you.


Sometimes called mud, putty is a midpoint between clay and fiber. It’s going to give a high hold and low shine that’s great for shorter styles that want to look dapper, yet a little rough around the edges or as an alternative to fiber (which gives no shine) and wax (which gives high shine). Once your hair gets long enough to comb, you may need to switch to a paste or clay to keep your desired style as most putties tend to be a heavier product that will weigh longer hair down. That being said Putty is one of the most versatile products out there for the current lineup of popular hairstyles. If you’re rocking a style made popular in the last 5-10 years or so, there’s a good chance a quality Putty is for you.

mens hair matte separation wax


Wax is for guys that want incredible hold, like not moving ever hold. Because a quality wax is a relatively thick product, it can be a little harder to manipulate and break up, limiting it to guys with short hairstyles. If your hair has any length to it, you’ll want to stay away from this one as it tends to clump in longer styles and can lead to flaking that can appear like dandruff. Also, when you’re applying its key to focus your application to the roots instead of the hair shaft. Applying a wax to your hair shaft is going to weigh your hair down, crushing any natural volume you have. If you want incredible hold with minimal shine, wax is the product for you. Just remember to keep it light. Wax is a strong styling aid. A little goes a long way.


Fiber is harder and resinous, almost like a dried-out wax. It’s great for guys that want a high hold and low shine, but more importantly for guys who tend to get frizzy hair. A quality fiber is going to help tame your hair, eliminating frizz and flyaway for a natural matte look. Again, just like a wax, this one is for guys with short styles as the fiber can be difficult to evenly distribute in longer styles. Also, because it is resinous in nature it will not mix well with water, meaning you shouldn’t apply it to wet or damp hair. If you have a short style and have problems with frizz, fiber is for you.


If you use hairspray, it should be the last step, or the only step, in your routine. Hairspray is great for really locking in your style and can be used in combination with other styling aids to achieve your desired look. The biggest thing here is: DON’T GO OVERBOARD! It can be super easy to overdo it when it comes to hairspray, leaving your hair a crunchy, wet-looking mess. Just a few sprays are all you need, and if you don’t want your hair to look wet, make sure it’s dry before applying your hairspray. Apply hairspray to wet or damp hair will lock in that wet look as well as your style.


A quality hair oil is more of a nourishing, conditioning agent than a styling aid, but one we highly recommend for guys that suffer from dry, brittle hair. When it comes to styling however it can be used for polishing & shine-building. Adding a dropper or two to a clay, paste, cream, or fiber is an easy way to add a little extra shine to your favorite styling aid that may be lacking in that department. It’s going to help your hair catch the light and seem textured and fuller, without making it look greasy or unwashed. Hair oil is also terrific in long styles as a tamer and nourisher, since the ends of your long hairs rarely get the same natural hydration from your scalp’s sebum production, reducing split ends and dryness at the tips. Regardless of which styling aid is for you, pairing it with a great hair oil, even as a once weekly treatment, is key to keeping your hair looking hydrated and healthy.

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That’s it guys. Our complete styling aid rundown. We know what you’re thinking. What about Gel? The short answer: just no! With so many amazing products available, unfortunately using the liquid cement from the 90’s that is gel is a thing of the past. If you’re using gel, we assure you there’s a better product out there for you. Now remember the first step to having a great hairstyle is a great cut, so if you’re in the Buffalo, N.Y. or East Aurora, N.Y. area, stop in to see us. We would love to make a custom product recommendation for you, and show you step-by-step how to style to perfection!