Meet The Team

Edward Fibich

Owner / Founder | Level 4 Barber at Dark Horse Barber Studio – Downtown Buffalo

My entire life, I have always cared more than anyone else. About people, about life, about love, about art, and about the things I create. I always wanted to express the things I felt in my heart and saw in my head to the fullest extent. I noticed long ago that how much I care made me stand out and I didn’t always like the way people reacted. People told me to care less and I would try to hide the passion I had for things to fit in more. As I matured, I learned the only thing to care less about was impressing others and to live my own truth. I realized that fitting in wasn’t my thing and I would not live this one life I get doing what has already been done. I wanted to be legendary. The passion I have for the things I put my energy into has always been my greatest strength and guiding light. It has led me to the most incredible places. My talent for barbering and hair design comes from my drive to be the best me and help others become their best. I created Dark Horse Barber Studio to help everyone look their best and carry the confidence to achieve their greatest potential.

Andy Fibich

Level 3 Barber/Co-Owner at Dark Horse Barber Studio – East Aurora

I’m always looking for ways to improve and learn new skills. Constantly investing in my craft is important to me to be certain the services I offer are of top-notch quality and precision. I believe a thorough consultation is the best way to achieve your desired look. I love to make people excited about the way they look and to help them gain the confidence to conquer anything. When not in the shop I like to express myself through many means of creativity including art, graphic design, and music.

Tony Miosi

Level 3 Barber at Dark Horse Barber Studio – Downtown Buffalo

I’m regularly searching for new ways to hone my craft and explore my expertise. I enjoy the old-school barbershop vibe, where you could relax and get taken care of professionally. Persistently saturating my time into my profession is very critical to me. I love to make people feel good about the way they look, and confidence from a haircut is something you can’t ignore. I recognize how important a thorough consultation is, and I will do my best to make sure I can provide the most premier advice and services to you as I possibly can.

Tony Leonard

Level 3 Barber at Dark Horse Barber Studio – East Aurora

I started cutting men’s hair in 2018 and very quickly realized it was my passion. I understand the importance of barbers as part of a community and a space for men to unwind and take care of themselves. I enjoy meeting people, telling and listening to stories, and getting to personally know each and every client. I recognize the power of a good haircut and its ability to change a client’s mood. I see the clients walking taller with more confidence every time they leave my chair.

Josh Barzycki

Level 2 Barber at Dark Horse Barber Studio – East Aurora

Barbering is a perfect example of doing something good for others. There’s nothing like the look of a new haircut or the relaxing feeling of a straight razor shave. Providing people with a service that can make their day brighter or give them a new sense of confidence is something I’m thrilled to provide. My goal is to keep learning new ways to make the client’s experience even better than their last visit and to build a relationship that lasts years.

Cody Compton

Level 3 Barber at Dark Horse Barber Studio – East Aurora

In 2018, I had the realization that I wasn’t meant for the standard “American Dream” so I left my corporate job to pursue my passion for barbering. To me a haircut is more than just a haircut–it is an extension of someone’s personality. My focus is to understand your overall style and provide you with a tailored service to enhance that style. When I’m not barbering, I’m snowboarding, riding motorcycles, or hiking with my family. I would love the opportunity to be your barber. See you soon!